Top 7 Features in Dynamics 365 Sales Environment that will Empower your Workplace

The Sales Team is an integral part of any organization. Businesses are highly dependent on them for their revenue goals and challenges. Sales professionals are responsible for getting new business and generating revenue from the new ones.

They have to stay aligned with managing business velocity as well as the company’s growth. Thus, managing all this together becomes daunting and challenging for them, and that which why many companies are optimizing their workflow with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Dynamics 365 Sales has changed how sales professionals work in this transformed digital age. While most of the features are groundbreaking, one should know the dynamic features that deliver the most value for your business.

But before that let us know more about what Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise is.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales helps salespeople build strong relationships with their customers, act based on detailed insights, and close sales faster. Further, you can use D365 Sales to track your significant accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from lead to order, and create sales collateral.

It also lets you create marketing lists and campaigns and follow service cases that are associated with specific accounts or opportunities. There are many other advanced features, however, first, let’s delve into the types of offerings by Dynamics 365 Sales for different sales environments.

Types of Offerings by Dynamics 365 Sales for Different Business Environments

The features below by Dynamics Sales are changing the game for sales professionals. However, there are different offerings in it, and one can avail it as per the services they require. Let’s scroll to know more:

Dynamics 365 Sales Premium: Dynamics 365 Sales Premium is perfect for organizations that need an automated solution. The AI-driven capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics Sales Premium analyze the customer interaction data and then help organizations act pragmatically with their clients. Not only this, Microsoft offers not only AI-driven insights but also evaluates details on conversation intelligence, relationship intelligence, and more.

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise: This is for businesses that look forward to effectual customization capabilities. It also helps the team nurture the lead from the first point of contact to the conversion. It is effective in forecasting sales and monitoring conversions and potential customers.

You can even run your marketing campaign through Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise. Further, with your Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise license, you can take advantage of Sales Premium features like efficient predictive scoring with a monthly tenure period.

Dynamics 365 Relationship Sales: This offering by Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Ideal for organizations that focus on enhancing business processes with data about people, organizations, and relationships. Further, with Sales Navigator incorporated into Dynamics 365 Sales, professionals are powered with enhanced customer engagements. Thus, making the business environment more efficient than ever.

Sales Professional: D365 Sales Professional is perfect for enterprises that need a sales automation solution for a dynamic customer experience. Along with that, it gets easy for the business to be engulfed in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Dynamics 365 Customer Service more effectively.

Microsoft Dynamic Sales Copilot: This Nex-Gen Copilot is ideal for enterprises that want sellers to use Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to automatically capture data, access, and register data into any customer relationship management (CRM) system, eliminating manual data entry.

Learn more about Microsoft Sales Copilot

At Dynamics Square, we promise that these offerings will be delivered to you at a 40% discount. Avail them by getting in touch with our consultants.

What is Sales Licensing and Types of Sales Licensing

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, sales licensing is associated with types of licenses that are available for users within an organization. There are different types of licensing available to the users, Dynamics Sales Pricing license is for entry-level whereas the Microsoft D365 sales enterprise license has advanced features.

Generally, people compare Dynamics 365 Sales vs Dynamics 365 licenses and then evaluate as per the business requirements. Scroll down to read more about Types of sales Licensing:

  • Sales Professional: Core sales force automation features: lead/opportunity, product, price list, and order management for entry-level.
  • Sales Enterprise: This has advanced features (everything in Professional) + forecasting, competitor tracking, relationship insights, playbooks, etc.
  • Sales Premium: Possibly a bundled offering or extension with advanced features or combined functionalities.

Empower your Sales Environment with Top Dynamics 365 Sales features

As we all know, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an important part of the Dynamics CE suite. It is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solution that empowers sales teams to achieve more than ever. Now let’s delve to see how the team can get better results with the Dynamics 365 Sales environment:

1. Streamline Your Sales Process through Dynamics 365 Sales

If you are looking to accelerate sales from leads garnering process to conversions, then Dynamics 365 Enterprise is the right platform for you. With Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise's capability to automate workflows easily, you can easily track opportunities and convert a lead into a potential customer.

This Microsoft Dynamics Sales platform provides real-time insights that can help you to grow and make data-driven decisions. Further, big organizations can track and streamline their data like never before. Even for small businesses, Dynamics 365 sales can do wonders, they can optimize and materialize the leads and hence garner growth.

2. Enhance your Dynamics 365 Customer Service with a Unified View

The unified view in Dynamics 365 refers to a centralized interface within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service application where Dynamic sales representatives can access all the information to assist customers

Including a 360-degree view of each customer, aggregating data from various sources. This ensures that the sales team can read all the information about the prospects and customers, including preferences, history, and more.

3. Future Proof Your Business/Garner AI-Driven Insights for Pragmatic Decisions

With the intervention of artificial intelligence, Dynamics 365 Sales offers predictive scoring, which allows sales teams to identify the most promising leads and potential opportunities. The built-in AI can provide actionable insights, suggesting the next best actions. Not only this, one can view warning of potential issues, and offering coaching tips.

4. Advanced Management of Daily Tasks

This tool provides actionable insights to help users manage their day, focusing on the most pressing tasks. It might remind a sales maverick about an upcoming meeting, flag emails that need attention, or suggest follow-ups based on email sentiment.

5. Witness Seamless Customization and Integration

Dynamics 365 Sales seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products such as Office 365, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and more. Plus, with Power Platform (including Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps), businesses can further customize their environment, automate processes, and derive deeper insights for further fulfillment.

6. Win with a Collaborative Selling Approach

Using the Microsoft Teams integration, the sales team can collaborate in real-time with colleagues. Whether it's co-editing documents, sharing notes, or conducting virtual meetings, Teams integration ensures that everyone stays in tandem with each other.

7. Better Customer Engagement with Interactive Dashboards and Advanced Monitoring

D365 Sales offers visually appealing, interactive dashboards that allow sales teams and managers to monitor performance in detail. These dashboards can be customized to show relevant KPIs (key performance indicators), helping teams focus on what matters most.

In case you are planning to streamline your sales business environments with Dynamics 365 implementation, then our 150+ consultations will be there to elevate your growth. They can even help you with finding which Dynamics 365 solutions fit your sales or any understanding of pricing, and licensing.

If you still have doubts, you can request a Free Customized Demo at or call us directly at +1 289 807 0740 to get instant support from a reliable and trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner.

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