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Our Cookie Policy

Dynamics Square cookie policy page will explain all about why and how cookies are used. What is the actual need for cookies and what sort of information does it contain? How to prevent cookies from being stored and what happens when you allow or disallow cookies. So, we are going to uncover all such things through our cookies page.

What Are cookies?

Cookies are small size files that are used to improve user experience. When you visit any professional site, you are asked whether to allow or disallow cookies. These cookies are downloaded and saved to your system to function adequately and to serve personalized information to the seeker or user.

How do Cookies work?

Cookies are created to improve users' experience when a user visits the site. These cookies are downloaded in users/ system, thereby, whenever the user browses the same site, will experience improved functionality considering what he/she had browsed while visiting the site last time.

When you permit us to allow cookies in your system, cookies help us to understand your browsing preferences or purpose of visiting our website so that whenever you revisit our website, we can serve a better or personalized experience to you.

How we use Cookies?

Dynamics Square uses cookies for a number of reasons but yes, the main purpose of leveraging cookies is just to serve the optimal experience whenever any visitor comes to our site. Since every user seeks different information, and we try to serve the matching experience. Although, you can disable the cookies if you are aware of what cookies you need to disable.

In most cases, users are not aware, thereby, they may disable the functionality they are seeking for. Hence, it's better to not to chase the cookies or leave them the way they are. Yet, you always have the option to disable the cookies in your system.

Enabling & Disabling Cookies

Often you get notified of cookies while browsing over the internet. You are always asked whether to accept the cookies or simply deny them. So, it's totally up to you whether you want to accept the cookies or not. Even after accepting the cookies once, you can disable them from your system.

But remember, declining cookies may interrupt your use of the site as you will interrupt certain functionality and interfere with a bit of navigation which could affect your purpose of visiting the site. So, if you really want to enjoy the smoother flow of any website, it would be better not to disable the cookies.

How we make use of Cookies?

Essential Cookies

Almost all the standard websites use cookies wherein some cookies come in the essential category and if you disable cookies, it may not help you to navigate properly or may intervene even the basic navigation of the site. The information you provide through submitting the contact page, feedback, etc., helps to remember user details for future correspondence (if required).

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies are the cookies that ensure how you navigate through our site. These cookies are used to remember your preferences when you use our site. These cookies ensure that whenever you use our website, it will run considering your preferences or how you interacted last time.

Analytics Cookies

Like every professional site, we also use analytics cookies that help us to improve our analytics part. These cookies enable us to identify the visitor count on our website and user behavior like how they interact or move through our website. These cookies also collect information on how much time you spend on our website and what exact pages you visited using our website.

These cookies help us to improve our site navigation, functionality, or information what our users or visitor expects when they visit our website. We also conclude third-party cookies from trusted sources only to improve our site appearance.

We use Google Analytics solution for your site and hence, we leverage Google Analytics cookies to track and monitor how our site is performing and what sort of things can be implemented to improve our site experience. To know more about Google Analytics cookies, you can browse its official page.

Other Cookies

These cookies enable us to save your record when you visit our site. This could include a number of pages, exact pages, and links that you follow while visiting our website. We utilize all such information to improve our site relevancy and user engagement.

Thus, Dynamics Square cookies policy is designed to make our users aware of how cookies work and how we leverage cookies just to improve our user experience. If you have queries, please write to us at info@dynamicssquare.com.

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