Dynamics 365
Customer Service

Incorporate an integrated suite of capabilities, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, to deliver the best customer service experiences possible for your customers and earn them for life.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

What Is Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Delivering a customer-centric customer experience (CX) is crucial for today's digital world. Dynamics 365 customer service is designed and developed to do even more. It is a comprehensive, highly customizable, and extremely flexible solution for enterprises looking to transform their customer service, sales, and marketing experiences.

With this Saas CRM solution, you empower your employees with a single, unified view of the customer to successfully drive omnichannel efficiency. Increase time-to-value for all your business investments by integrating this cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system and unlock new revenue streams, reduce waste, and accelerate inefficiencies.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Features

Understand your customers & provide them with incredible customer experiences

Agents' Work

AI-driven productivity tools in Dynamics 365 Customer Service support agents with the right information at the right moment to help them close cases faster.

Operational Costs

With a single, comprehensive platform that provides insights and adapts to future needs, you can cut costs.

Smart Self-service

Use virtual agents and knowledge bases to help customers help themselves.

Know your

Personalize and secure customer interactions, & quickly deliver consistent experiences by recognizing and connecting through their preferred channels.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Remove data silos, allow easy cross-departmental collaboration, and present a united front before customers.



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Improve your customer retention rate with a long-lasting impact by embracing the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Service & our support services.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Pricing

There is no hidden cost with Dynamics 365 Customer Service. We offer cost-effective licensing for commercial, non-profit, and educational users of bundled Dynamics 365 Customer Service Products.

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service

$67.80(CAD)per user/month
  • Case management
  • Knowledge management
  • SLAs
  • Templates
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Additional Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

$128.90per user/month
  • All features of the Professional set
  • All features of the Professional set
  • Case management
  • Unified service desk
  • Embedded intelligence
  • Context-driven suggestions
  • Service gamification
  • Customization and extensibility
  • Portals
  • Analytics and KPI reporting

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Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service is a SaaS-based CRM app. It helps your employees embrace collaboration while creating opportunities for your customers to have more personal, compelling experiences. This next-gen CRM app also offers you space to build brand equity, improve satisfaction, and drive more sales. It's a power pack to create customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Dynamics 365 customer service insights give businesses access to useful information about important analytics, operational data, and other market trends. These insights enable businesses to take quicker, more informed decisions that support profitability and growth. Businesses can implement the necessary changes to increase customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and more.

You can manually install Dynamics 365 Customer Service app. It is recommended. And then assign user roles before you allow your users to access it.

The following steps are needed while installing Dynamics 365 Customer Service:

  • Sign-up for the Power Platform administration center.
  • Head to the drop-down list of “Resources” - select Dynamics 365 Apps.
  • On the same page, click on “customer service Team member” tile - select install.
  • When you reach the panel saying; “Install Customer Service Team Member”, select a preferred environment from the list.
  • Now, select “Terms of Service” to get agreed upon, and then click “install”.
  • Finally, it's time to assign user roles in the Customer Service app. Then, it's all done.

Dynamics 365 customer service has several vital features. You can seamlessly drive better customer experiences, improve customer service, and track customer journeys to serve them with a more personalized solution.

The important features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service are listed below:

  • Comprehensive reports.
  • Integrated CRM system.
  • Cross-functional insights and reporting.
  • Actionable data dashboards.
  • Customer-centric automation.
  • Proactive customer interactions.
  • Optimized processes.
  • Simplified collaboration.
  • Faster response times to customer requests.
  • Better understanding of customers.
  • A fully integrated, cross-functional CRM solution.

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