Azure Digital Twins

Energize your entire organization with IoT spatial intelligence. Create models of physical environments using Azure Digital Twins technology and deliver breakthrough customer experiences.


What is Azure Digital Twins tech?

Azure Digital Twins is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that helps your IoT development team comprehensively create digital representations of the world around us - things, people, places, and business processes. Implement Microsoft's Digital Twins technology to gain deep insights and drive better products, optimize ops and cut costs to provide your customers with unprecedented customer experiences.

Benefits of Introducing Digital Twins

Extend your capabilities, and see wonderful things happen. Use Digital Twins' unmatched security & compliance to keep your data safe and accessible.

Use the open modeling language to easily model and create digital representations of connected environments - buildings, factories, farms, energy, networks, railways, stadiums, or even entire cities to bring digital twins to life - unlock the future via powerful query APIs and Azure data analytics.

Model business-centric environments by following the physical world. Then connect them to IoT devices using Azure IoT Hub to set up a single live integration layer that delivers insights via breaking data silos from across the digitally carved entire environment.

Better manage and monitor the security level of your IoT devices by integrating Digital Twins with Azure IoT Hub. Create the next generation of highly connected enterprise-grade security, compliance, & privacy benefits.

Utilize Microsoft's billion-dollar cyber security research and development to secure your precious data and privacy. Get the most out of your investments with Azure - a comprehensive cloud provider.

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Features of Azure Digital Twins

Forget the past. Get better at creating products and optimizing operations to make an impact with Microsoft's Digital Twins technology.

Open modeling

Easily create desired domain models of any connected environment using the open modeling language of Azure Digital Twin - API (Application Programming Interface).

Live Execution

Bring digital twins to life in a graph representation by executing the modeled environment live.

More Connected

Seamlessly drive inputs from IoT and business systems to connect assets, including IoT devices using Logic Apps, Azure IoT Hub, and REST APIs.

Seamless Output
for Events

Get the output of twin change events and upload it to Azure Data Explorer, Azure Synapse Analytics, Event Hubs using Azure IoT Hub, and other downstream services.

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Below are the reasons to use Azure Digital Twin - API

  1. Get the Data from Azure IIoT (Industrial IoT) to Azure Digital Twin
  2. Get Azure Digital twin into frontend
  3. Avail updates on changing events
  4. Provide seamless connectivity that responds to the user interface (UI).

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