Microsoft Cloud
For Manufacturing

Securely connect people, assets, workflows, and business processes with Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing to manufacture a more sustainable future.

Microsoft Cloud For Manufacturing

Build a More Resilient and Sustainable Future

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is designed and developed to support the manufacturing industry's core processes and delivers capabilities that fit the industry's business needs. These end-to-end cloud solutions powered by Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 & Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Power BI, and Network Security are empowering organizations to be more resilient and sustainable.

How can Choosing Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing benefit my manufacturing company?

Re-imagine your manufacturing by making new things happen using IoT-enabled AI-integrated devices, Mixed Reality, predictive tech, and Microsoft's Azure services. Empower all people close to your manufacturing business to work remotely and transparently.

Digital Empowerment

Digitally empower your workforce by helping them reskill to increase customer satisfaction using newly developed digital experiences.

Safe and Agile Operations

Build and operate safe & smart, agile factories of the future with industrial IoT (IIoT), Microsoft cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and mixed reality.

Build Resilient Supply Chains

Implement tomorrow's tech today and create adaptive supply chains that have improved visibility, agility, and profitability via intelligent planning, demand sensing, & trace ability.

Invest in Innovation

Discover new ways of accelerating the engineering of business values with digital feedback, loops, and Microsoft's digital twin technology.


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Microsoft Cloud
For Manufacturing Features


Employee Empowerment

Redefine training, engagement, and knowledge transfer by quickly onboarding employees and helping them build role-based skills and learning paths.


Factory Transformation

Create factories of the future that use safe, innovative, and highly productive methods for agile manufacturing such as IoT, cloud computing, AI, and mixed reality.

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Supply Chain Visibility

Gain higher visibility into your supply chains by unifying data across your systems, drive agility to respond to quick market changes, and make your supply chains predictive by integrating intelligent business apps and advanced analytics.

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Asset Productivity

Employ predictive solutions like IoT and mixed reality to increase throughput and improve quality & overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reducing delivery costs.


Operational Visibility

Get a 360-degree view of overall business ops by connecting people, products, and processes. Analyze problems and enhance the workflow efficiency of your plant systems.


Digital Transformation

Replicate real-world things like places, business processes, and people and deliver new products and services built with these capabilities through digital twins and manufacturing cloud solutions.


Customer Experience

Empower sales teams to exceed customer service expectations using Microsoft's predictive technology to predict, detect, & resolve service issues even before customers know them.

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Ready to adopt tomorrow's tech and re-invent your manufacturing?

Enable real-time maintenance updates and maximize the efficiency of your machines with Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

Get Started with Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing and Manufacture Products at Scale

Implement industrial IoT, AI-powered automation, and manufacturing cloud solutions to improve production efficiency and reduce machine downtime without consulting data scientists.

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