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Maintain, optimize, and re-invent your Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM Systems with Dynamics Square's Support Services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

What is Dynamics 365 support?


Powered by 135+ Microsoft certified tech-consultants, we provide beyond-the-need technical assistance and optimization expertise for your business. From proactively helping you navigate the unexpected to providing all necessary ERP and CRM-related guidance and ongoing support, our experts are listening carefully.

Our top-notch Dynamics 365 and legacy systems migration services deliver everything you need to mitigate risks and increase your ROI (return on investment).

Microsoft Dynamics 365

An affordable and strategic approach to boost your business operations, from resource planning, finances, and manufacturing to quickly bringing your product and services to the global market.

What do we have in Dynamics 365 Support solutions for you?

We have all you need to drive innovation. By intelligently connecting your processes, data sources, and people close to your business to a single intuitive business management platform like Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Power BI, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, or other business-centric modules while providing training, customization, and tech consultancy we help you accelerate your business.

We have designed our Ad-Hoc Support model based on our years of expertise in providing ERP and CRM support. With careful study and understanding of your business processes, we offer instant help for your short-length or one-time assignment. No commitment is necessary from your side. Our experts are always inclined to help you with support services that best suit your business. Contact our expert today!

Leverage priority support for your ongoing business practices through our Prepaid Hours Support model. This plan comprises 50 dedicated hours, ensuring contribution to maintain your business continuity. Our standard Prepaid Hours Support model provides instant technical assistance to keep your processes uninterrupted and running smoothly. Contact us to explore more.

We at Dynamics Square have a proficient support team that helps you resolve system issues and regain control of your system capabilities in your hand, enabling you to keep boosting your workflow throughout the year. Get in touch.

World-Class Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

Bringing experts, resources, and Microsoft's ecosystem to your fingertips.

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Account Management

Since Microsoft always keeps all Dynamics 365 products up to date, the rest is taken care of by Dynamics Square experts to help you implement the right solution so that you can seamlessly manage your Dynamics 365 account, ensuring you your business continuity.



Add-Ons significantly enhance your ERP/CRM system's capabilities and help you overcome evolving market changes without customizing the entire system. Also, Microsoft produces regular updates and features, enhancing your system from time to time.



We get to understand your needs by carefully listening to all your requirements, and then implement a suitable business system while providing user adaptation training so that your employees start operating from day one.



Under Dynamics 365, business management modules are flexible in their integration. You can make changes and increase functionality by adding advanced features using third-party integrations and other Microsoft business apps and boosting your growth.

Boost Your Business Capabilities with Dynamics Square's Excellent Dynamics 365 Support


True, Global Support

Our experienced best-in-class team of Dynamics 365 professionals delivers beyond-expectation assistance if required.


Adjustable Service Plans

Avail yourself of all you need - information and a suitable solution without even paying for the assistance you do not require.


On-time Issue Resolution

Our team of skilled Dynamics 365 professionals diligently identifies and resolves critical, time-sensitive issues to minimize the risks and impact on your business.


Personalized Support Model

Our Dynamics 365 Support Services offer guidance on your specific Dynamics 365 configuration, helping you leverage untapped features of the selected business app like Dynamics 365 Business Central that take your business to the next level.


Growth-Oriented Expertise

In addition to ensuring profitable project delivery, we help our clients effectively and effortlessly manage complex supply chains and intelligently optimize cross-functional processes. Expanding your business internationally or going public is what we help you with.


Development and Testing

With Dynamics Square's guidance, you can overcome your technical challenges by integrating third-party applications, customizing workflows, and integrating third-party applications.

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