Dynamics GP

Replace your entry-level business accounting app with an ERP software package that uses Microsoft SQL to store and manage data. Use the Dexterity programming language (a part of the Microsoft Dynamics suite of intelligent business apps) to manage your finances and operations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Dynamics GP is the most suited complete financial management app that can be deployed on your private servers/on-premises, cloud, or as a hybrid solution (combining both private servers and cloud). This application uses Microsoft SQL (which easily gets installed and even nonprofessionals can understand) which seamlessly improves performance, security, and more. MS SQL Server is excellent at Data Restoration and Recovery Mechanisms, making it favorable to integrate with Azure AI. Take advantage of its broad set of cognitive services and leverage Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence at any data scale to boost your intelligent decision-making.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features

Explore the functionalities of Dynamics GP that speak only result.

Deployment options

You can approach any leading Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner like Dynamics Square in Canada to help you deploy Dynamics GP on your private servers, in-cloud, or using the hybrid choice.

Easily Gets

Microsoft Dynamics GP supports many add-on tools, extensions, and third-party integrations based on your needs such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Power BI apps to help you accelerate your growth and keep business continuity.


Make faster decisions with role-tailored access to critical information and expanded insights. Take control of your business operations, get easily compliant with audit trials, and consistently support accountability.

Payroll & Human

Minimize overhead costs by allowing your payroll in-house and offer customizable hiring processes, pay rates, scheduling, and performance evaluation tools.

Project Operations

Automate your project operations, and never lose the trail of your project activities and costs with Dynamics GP. Provide correct, up-to-date financial data using the direct integration of the general ledger with receivables, payables, assets, and inventory control.

Supply Chain
& Distribution

Seamlessly study evolving customer behavior to ensure them with the right stock at the right time. Accelerate the distribution to reduce the overhead and improve accuracy. Create flexible pricing options to offer discounts, packages, and promotions.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade

Get an industry-ready Dynamics GP upgrade today!

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) is a comprehensive business management application, which helps business organizations seamlessly run their operations all over the globe. Microsoft prompt releases feature updates for its Dynamics products. In 2020, Microsoft Dynamics GP with version 18.3.xx (aka GP 2021) was released. Then comes the GP 2022 with its 18.4 version in the year 2021. Recently, again in Oct 2022, Microsoft released the latest version of Dynamics GP - version 18.5. Contact us to get the latest version of GP, i.e., version 18.5 (aka GP 2023).

What's New in Dynamics GP 18.5.xx (GP 2023)?

Microsoft released a new update for Dynamics GP on Oct 3, 2022. Let's explore what its new features are:

  • Windows 11, SQL Server 2022, & Windows Server 2022 support
  • Filter Selected Navigation Lists using Batch ID or Batch Source
  • 'Redisplay' function for Bank Reconciliation
  • Payables Batch Entry for - EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) computer check payment or a Credit Card payment
  • Print, Email SOP, & POP Documents simultaneously
  • Set a scheduled time to run Checklinks, and more

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