Azure IoT Edge

Develop and deploy an enterprise-grade solution in any language to build an intelligent edge with Azure IoT Edge - a cloud intelligence to break up data silos and combine operational data sets at scale - all within the Microsoft Cloud.


What is Microsoft Azure IoT Edge?

Azure IoT Edge is a certified IoT Edge hardware that works with your Linux or Windows OS/devices to support container engines like Docker while collecting data in real-time. For example, Azure IoT Edge Dev Container - you can get started with IoT Edge development right away and help generate savings of millions of dollars for your customers. Moreover, the collected data type can range from temperature to load to machine vibrations. You can use this data to increase the efficiency of the machining process.

Let's make it easy for customers to get the meaning out of their data. We, at Dynamics Square, help you modernize your existing tools and technology with Microsoft's help to make an impact. Contact our team of Azure IoT Edge experts today and discover your edge.

Azure IoT Edge Benefits

The ability to find meaning in that sea of data and use it to do more than just react, but plan before a problem occurs, is what makes the information valuable. Unlock your edge, develop hybrid IoT solutions, deploy AI (Artificial Intelligence) on IoT devices, and develop in any language with Azure IoT Edge. Show your customers what they can do with new jaw-dropping technology and how fast they can do it!

Utilize the consistency of IoT Edge that uses support languages such as C, C#, Java, Node.js, and Python across the cloud and edge. Empower your dev team with these modern skillsets to code in a favorite language and simplify software development.

Get started quickly to remotely monitor IoT Edge devices at scale with Microsoft's Azure Monitor integration. Take advantage of built-in metrics and curated visualizations to deep dive into assessing the performance and health of your IoT apps - all in the Azure portal.

Incorporate Azure Stream Analytics or cloud-trained machine learning models to locally process or send the required data for further analysis on the cloud, reducing the associated costs to keep the high data quality.

Get your IoT devices automatically synchronized with reliable and secure edge updates. Operate your edge devices even when they're offline or connected to the cloud.

Azure IoT Edge Features

Employ a trusted cloud platform like Microsoft Cloud for your global and local industry needs.

Microsoft Certified IoT
Edge Hardware

Take advantage of a supported container engine like Docker that works seamlessly with your Linux or Windows devices to streamline your development lifecycle.

Open source
& Free License

IoT Edge is free and open source under the MIT license. It provides you with more control to code reliably and flexibly.


Deploy Docker-compatible containers from Azure services and run the modules built and trained in the Microsoft cloud or on-premises to keep the business logic running at the edge.

Zero-touch Device

Enable the remote management and quick deployment of your workloads from the cloud via Azure IoT Hub with zero-touch device provisioning (ZTP).

Build the most advanced and secure ecosystem with Azure IoT

Develop industry-specific Azure IoT solutions and secure your environment with our Azure IoT Edge solutions.

Still Have Questions About Azure IoT Hub?

Click through the IoT Hub FAQs tailored for you!

Azur IoT edge stands on three pillars, as mentioned below:

  1. IoT Edge Modules - Containers that help run Azure services, third-party services, or custom code.
  2. IoT Edge runtime - It runs on each IoT Edge-enabled device and assists in managing each deployed module.
  3. Cloud-based interface - This helps you remotely manage and monitor your IoT Edge devices.

You can run Azure, third-party software, and custom logic using any IoT Edge-enabled device. Browse Azure Marketplace's edge modules to learn more about edge capabilities. With their container-based design and certification for IoT Edge, they can be deployed more quickly. Get information about publishing IoT Edge modules if you are a software partner.

The Raspberry Pi is one of the smallest devices that can run IoT Edge. The best thing is - it is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. Find third-party hardware, certified based on core functionalities such as AI support, device management, and securing the Azure Certified IoT device catalog. Get in touch with Dynamics Square to know more about edge hardware IoT Edge-driven solutions.

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