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Organize, automate, and better optimize your finances and operations using on-premises or in the cloud or the hybrid deployment of Dynamics AX - a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package for global enterprises to effectively and efficiently manage their finance and operations.

Microsoft Dynamics AX
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What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

From the simple accounting and financial management software package for the Service, Manufacturing, Distribution, Public, and Retail Industries, IBM Axapta or Microsoft Dynamics AX, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (now Dynamics 365 Finance) is a new age business application. Organizations of varied sizes, ranging from small and mid-market sized to large international groups, use this Dynamics AX to organize, automate and optimize their finances and operations. For long-term investment, Dynamics AX is the best and most affordable choice for on-premises, in-the-cloud, or hybrid financial visibility solutions.

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If your finance and accounting software is hurting your business, read the below mentioned Dynamics AX features to revive your business operations:

  • Easy deployment; on-premises, in-the-cloud, or hybrid
  • Affordable and transparent licensing and pricing
  • Interactive user interface makes it easy to adapt
  • Superior business intelligence than its competitors
  • Excellent support from Dynamics Square & the Microsoft Community
Microsoft AX feature

Game-changing Capabilities of Dynamics AX

Grow your business to scale by managing your by-products and collaterals, meeting evolving market demands, and following legal obligations.

Flexibility & Cloud Deployment

It doesn't matter if you are using Microsoft Dynamics ERP on-premises or in the cloud using Azure. With Dynamics Square's extensive industry experience in implementing and supporting these systems, you can avail yourself of a desired productive ERP solution.

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts receivables and payables
  • Budget planning and control
  • Compliance and regulatory
  • Bank management

  • Forecasting
  • Inventory control
  • Expanded purchasing and customer-centric delivery rules
  • Streamlined packing and shipping processes
  • Multi-site/global warehouse management
  • Distribution planning

  • Seamless management of RFIs, RFPs, RFQs, and vendor/government procurement
  • Easily upload relevant content, submit invoices, and review payments with an intuitive vendor portal.
  • Intelligent repair management
  • Dispatching, service calls, contracts, and service orders management

Utilize the production control module linked to other modules in Dynamics AX to manage your organization's information flow and reach higher productivity at low inputs.

  • Use Microsoft's Server Reporting for analytical and standard reports
  • Predefined data cubes
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on intuitive dashboards
  • Power BI integration for data visualization and actionable insights

  • Candidate selection and recruitment
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Organization's workforce management
  • Training and development for performance enhancement
  • Monitoring and controlling expenses

  • Project cost control
  • Microsoft-sponsored projects interoperability
  • Project billing and accounting
  • Work structure breakdown

  • Lead score and opportunity management
  • Sales Connector features
  • Salesforce and marketing automation
  • Management of sales pipelines using charts and reports

  • Simplify your HR functions by enabling automation of administration, absence management, compensation management, employee development, and more.
  • Lower the paperwork, reduce manual processes, ease employee onboarding, encourage training, simplify transfer and termination, & so on.
  • Easily manage company policies across country lines.

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Business Advantages of Dynamics AX

Deploy a simple and intuitive ERP platform to open the door for new business opportunities and start getting quick ROIs.

Flexible to Use

Dynamics AX is flexibly easy-to-use and favors easy adoption by its users. You do not have to be an expert at coding or core IT operations. Get started with several available videos and docs on Microsoft's website and become an expert in its functions and features in no time.

Smooth Customization

This ERP tool is easy to customize depending on your business requirements. You can make the required customizations in Dynamics AX to match your needs - whether for retail and distribution or Manufacturing.

Seamless Integration

Experience the power of Azure IoT Suite and Microsoft Power BI by integrating them with Dynamics AX and start managing your finance and operations the way you want. Not the other way around.

Intuitive Interface

Dynamics AX has an intuitive user interface, which sets it apart from its competitors, which possess cluttery and confusing UI (User Interface). Whether you want to access it from your mobile, tablet, or desktop, it offers a simple, clean, & dynamic UI.

Fair Pricing Model

Microsoft's products are worth the price tag. There is no doubt about their longevity in terms of support and service. Dynamics AX is no different. Its licenses and subscription costs are affordable and deliver a quick return on your investments (ROIs).

Trustworthy Vendor

Business leaders have faith and trust in Microsoft. Not because it is among the world's top 500 future companies but because Microsoft is the leader in finding innovative solutions when the need arises. Choose a reliable Gold Microsoft Partner like Dynamics Square that walks in the footsteps of Microsoft's guidelines in delivering IT Services and consulting.

What's New in Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Post the IBM Axapta's acquisition by Microsoft, it has emerged as one-of-the demanding finance and operations ERP software packages through many changes and updates. Explore its latest features and updates.

The new UI in Dynamics AX helps your teams save time and money because there is no need to spend a penny on training and development programs for your employees to learn and use this software. Mere knowledge of using mobile apps can help them get started with operations on Dynamics AX.

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft productivity tools such as Office 365, Outlook, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Teams, and so on to help your employees become smoothly productive at workplaces, or from any remote location anytime.

Cortana is Microsoft's Siri that acts on your voice to command your device in use to do what you want it to do, transforming the way employees handle several tasks in minimal time. In simple words, get the job done without even touching the keys on your keyboard.

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MS Dynamics AX is a highly integrated, easy-to-operate, and affordable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. It streamlines your critical finances and operations with fuller efficiency and effectiveness than its competitors. Contact a Silver or Gold Microsoft partner like Dynamics Square to implement Dynamics AX's cloud, on-premises, or hybrid version and start organizing, managing, and automating the repetitive and manual tasks.

Unfortunately, no! But you can still avail yourself of support and upgrade services to some of its versions via Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner like us. The better option is to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance - a cloud-based finance management app (earlier Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operations). Also, if you need an app to intelligently manage your supply chain, then choose Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, another cloud-driven supply chain management (SCM) solution for your planning, logistics, distribution, or manufacturing purpose.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an all-in-one cloud-based suite of intelligent business apps that includes Dynamics 365 Finance, Project Operations, Customer Service, and an all-in-one ERP/CRM app like Dynamics 365 Business Central for small and mid-market size businesses. Whereas MSFT Dynamics AX is a full-fledged ERP solution for managing finances and operations only.

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