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What is Azure IoT?

Microsoft is the leader in innovation. The tech giant is continuously investing and making new-age tech (such as IoT, AI/ML, or Mixed Reality) available to enhance managed and platform services. IoT or the Internet of Things refers to the monitoring and controlling of all IoT assets using cloud services. These IoT assets are a collection of connected physical objects or things, such as industrial equipment, devices, or censors in the manufacturing and processing industry. Contact Dynamics Square to get started with Azure IoT and Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

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Connectivity and Analytics

Seamlessly connect, manage, and scale your IoT devices from the edge to the Microsoft cloud.

Connectivity and Analytics

Minimize the burden and cost of IoT management, operations, and development. Accelerate the creation of IoT solutions and grow at scale.

Connectivity and Analytics

Deploy futuristic IoT spatial intelligence in your business operations by replicating real-world spaces via connecting several environments to solve problems quickly.

Edge and Device Support

Charge up analytics capabilities and enhance your cloud intelligence by migrating workloads and business logic from the cloud to edge devices.

Edge and Device Support

Create edge AI solutions using the easy-to-use development platform - Azure Percept and accelerate the edge intelligence from silicon to service.

Edge and Device Support

Develop, connect, secure, and support smart IoT devices from silicon to cloud.

Edge and Device Support

Get long-term Windows OS (Operating System) support and services from Dynamics Square to manage devices and support your business continuity.

Edge and Device Support

Utilize Microsoft's embedded IoT device development suite - Azure RTOS to make IoT development and connectivity easy.

Azure IoT Suite

The synonym of intelligence, security, and reliability for your core business processes. Start with Azure and Microsoft Cloud to grow at scale.

Build Intelligent
Supply Chain

Improve the quality of your services, increase safety, and minimize the cost of transportation and logistics. Manage, track, and monitor connected vehicles, freight, or other assets in real-time with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Improve Manufacturing
& Production

Be a part of Industry 4.0 Services by building open, interoperable IoT solutions to secure and modernize your industrial systems. Gain utmost security from the chip to the cloud by simplifying complex environments.

Enhance Field
Services Experiences

Utilize the power of Connected Field Service (an add-on solution) for Azure IoT Hub that brings Azure IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS) into Dynamics365 Field Service and delivers enhanced field services.

Minimize Downtime
to its Minimum

Foretell and prevent downtime by giving acceleration to predictive maintenance. Improve the overall production efficiency of your manufacturing plant with innovative Azure IoT solutions and industrial IoT (IIoT).


Microsoft Azure IoT & Cloud Services

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Implement the latest tech ecosystem in the industry and take advantage by automating operations with Microsoft's edge AI.

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