Dynamics 365 for Startups & Mid-Market Sized Businesses

Dynamics 365 for Startups brings Microsoft's ecosystem to startup founders and business decision-makers to employ low-cost yet highly innovative tools that increase productivity and ease developers' workloads.

Dynamics 365 For Startups

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 for Startups - Cultivate a Culture of Innovation

Bring people, knowledge, and problem-solving ability together to solve tomorrow's challenges today!

Startups and mid-market-sized businesses are the hubs of innovation. They work on tight budgets and have complexities to manage. Dynamics 365 for Startups is not merely an idea but a flexible, easy-to-use, customizable, and low-cost yet highly productive business management platform that helps startups and mid-sized businesses (SMEs/SMBs) streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, save development time and cost & drive growth at scale.

Why should I choose Dynamics 365 for my Startup or for my new business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Startups is a platform that grows with you. With $150,000 free Azure credits, you can build solutions, productivity & dev tools at your own pace. Also, you get free access to various development and productivity tools, including GitHub and Microsoft 365.

Access startup-friendly offers & start building


Get 1k in Azure credits to refine your startup idea, prototype your product, and increase the credits up to 150k as your usage and business grows to a brand or company.


Since you know your idea has the potential to generate value, jump in to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) using $5k Azure credits, and increase this credit to $150k as your company grows.


When you have launched your MVP, it is now time to focus on shipping features and start winning customers. Accelerate your company's growth with free $25k Azure credits and raise credits to $150k as your business grows.


Once you have set up a market fit for your product and you are ready to focus on scaling your company, get the advantage of $150k Azure credits.


Run your Startup Business more efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Startups

Speed up your development process and accelerate your business with expert guidance

Build More & Achieve More with Dynamics 365 for Startups

Get the ultimate business management tool that facilitates the success of your every project and inspires you to accomplish more.

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Tailored Customization

Simplify your operations and solve startup challenges with an easy-to-customize business management tool that quickly adapts to your needs.

centralised data

Highly Innovative

Pull all your resources and processes together and proactively connect them with your development and sales team to drive collaboration, innovation, and efficiency.

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Understands People

Understand your customer, open doors for engagement, and deliver an omnichannel experience by providing personalized solutions every step of their journey.

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Robust Analytics

Make use of real-time key analytics, customer data, and insights for better financial visibility with Dynamics 365 Startups.

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Process Automation

Enable data and process automation using built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) practices and in-cloud environments.

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Enterprise Maneuverability

Leverage higher enterprise mobility by centralizing data, processes, and people on a single platform - Dynamics 365 for Startups.

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Strategic Decision-making

Built-in real-time analytics, monitoring key metrics & customer data, and customer-journey orchestrating features empower teams to make informed decisions to defeat challenges.

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Forecasting & Optimization

Optimize your operations, forecast sales, and start making an impact by connecting all your employees, data, and AI-driven insights.

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