Migrate Your Legacy ERP with NAV to Business Central Upgrade

Uncertain about how to upgrade your Dynamics NAV to D365 Business Central without facing errors? We, at Dynamics Square, are ready to assist you at every step in upgrading your Navision/NAV journey with a seamless and hassle-free software upgrade process.

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Why should you choose to Upgrade from NAV ERP to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

If you're considering upgrading your 2018 NAV version to Business Central, here are some key points to keep in mind:

Upgrading to Business Central will simplify and automate your current business processes, making them adaptable for growth and scalability.

Business Central is one of the best ERP software solutions for small, mid-sized, or global organizations, and it enables you to manage the processes of all departments altogether.

Cloud deployment provides the power to manage business processes from anywhere and anytime, which ensures that every single operation runs smoothly.

Business Intelligence (BI) powered by Microsoft Power BI helps you make real-time informed decisions for any process or operation whenever needed.

Data sharing and reporting become effortless with Business Central as it provides the flexibility to integrate with Microsoft apps and other third-party business management add-ons.

Business Central is equipped with features, functionality, and customizations to help users customize or modify the process as per the requirements. It makes your teams highly agile, productive, and efficient.

When to Start your NAV to Business Central Upgrade?

If you are currently experiencing any of the following eight phases, it may be the right time to consider upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Business Central:


The outdated Dynamics NAV version serves you no purpose and there are no updates from Microsoft.


Your current NAV version is slow and makes it difficult to do even basic tasks.


Outdated features that no longer support modern business practices.


Makes collaboration challenging and hinders the overall growth of your organization.


No support for error resolution either from Microsoft directly or Your NAV partners.


You require customizations to optimize and handle new operations.


No way to manage the entire business from a single dashboard, hindering scalability.


You want to migrate your NAV data to the cloud for remote control and higher efficiency.

NAV to Business Central Upgrade Benefits

Upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central for streamlined business processes. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central offers you integrated management and customization across industries with a simple yet intuitive user interface (UI), advanced features, and rich functionalities to enhance efficiency and growth.

With Business Central, you can access your business data from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easier to manage your operations and teams remotely.

Customize workflows, forms, and fields with ease using Business Central's user-friendly interface. Tailor the system to your unique business needs without requiring extensive technical expertise.

Business Central eliminates manual updates and system maintenance worries. Automatic updates ensure you always use the latest and most secure version of the software.

Scale your business with ease using Business Central's flexible pricing model. Pay only for the number of users you need to keep costs down and adjust as you grow.

Adapt to your evolving business needs with Business Central's flexible design. Add users, functionality, and customizations as your business grows for seamless scalability.

Easily manage your business processes and data on a single platform with Business Central's seamless integration with Microsoft products (Office 365, Power BI) and other third-party applications like Shopify or Salesforce Connector.

How can you Upgrade Your NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

If you're out to upgrade your Dynamics NAV to Business Central, book a call with Dynamics Square experts for a hassle-free Dynamics 365 vendor partnership in Canada.

We will help you smoothly upgrade your existing NAV ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, and at low upgrade costs. Allow the team from Dynamics Square to assess your current Dynamics NAV version, business requirements, industry type, and operations before providing you with a customized quote.

And choose between transferring your entire data for seamless performance or only a portion of it based on your requirements. With years of real industry experience, Dynamics Square guarantees a smooth upgrade and Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation process provides you with a detailed quote for time and cost.


Looking to compare licensing options for Dynamics 365 Business Central? We've made it easy for you.

Select the capabilities that best fit your business needs.

License FeaturesD365 Business Central Essentials LicenseD365 Business Central Premium License
Unlimited UsersYesYes
Unlimited Number of Companies YesYes
Extensibility & Customization YesYes
Finance Management YesYes
Marketing and Sales YesYes
Multiple Environments YesYes
Delivery and Customer Satisfaction YesYes
Purchasing and PayablesYesYes
Availability and Supply PlanningYesYes
Project ManagementYesYes
Warehouse ManagementYesYes
Service ManagementNoYes

Dynamics NAV to Business Central Upgrade Types

Upgrade to Business Central from Dynamics NAV based on industry standards and business requirements with two options:

Standard Upgrade:

Streamline your migration to Business Central by selecting the standard upgrade option, which transfers only necessary data while eliminating customized functions. This approach saves you a lot of time, effort, and resources while making the upgrade more affordable.

Customized Upgrade:

For established organizations looking to transfer their entire data, including customizations and modifications, the customized upgrade option is ideal. This process allows you to retain your old data and style while enjoying new features and functionalities.

Note: This approach is costly, bulky, and time-consuming.

Upgrade just the features you need with ease!

We, at Dynamics Square, can help you upgrade any feature of your current NAV version, from financial capabilities to integrations. Contact us for a trusted Business Central Implementation Partner and upgrade services in Canada for the features you need.

Why Choose Dynamics Square for NAV to Business Central Upgrade?

Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner

At Dynamics Square, we're proud to be recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner. With over 70 successful implementation projects completed, we've served more than 300 clients worldwide. Our teams' expertise and experience make Dynamics Square a trusted Dynamics 365 Partner for businesses looking to streamline their operations with Business Central.

Seamless Training

At Dynamics Square, we don't just implement Business Central for your business. We also provide end-to-end training to help your team adapt and effectively use the newly configured system. Our training ensures that your users are equipped to drive smoother operational flow and maximize the benefits of Business Central for your organization.

Off-Hours Support

At Dynamics Square, we prioritize clients in Canada by offering 24/7 support services from our team of over 135 Microsoft-certified professionals located across 7 global locations. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the assistance they need, whenever they need it.

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