Dynamics 365
Supply Chain Management

Quickly adapt to the market and build a resilient, sustainable supply chain for your business with Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management - a cloud-based predictive supply chain management solution.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

What Is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a cloud-based ERP solution designed and developed by Microsoft. It helps large and mid-sized organizations mitigate supply chain issues through automation and seamlessly accelerates process execution while continuously monitoring end-to-end supply chain practices, from inventory and warehouse operations to the distribution and flow of your goods and services.

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Implementation at your premises, you can quickly create an intelligent and resilient supply chain that can automatically react to challenges using real-time visibility, agile planning, and accuracy.

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management you can design products quickly with accuracy and accelerate the time to market the products and services with its intelligent and centralized product information management capabilities.

Automate your demand planning & distribution practices using AI and make inventory decisions through the real-time and data-driven forecasting abilities of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. This cloud-based ERP software helps you proactively derive resource allocation, streamline sales, and bring agility to your production line while eliminating stock-outs and overstocking.

Help your organization with automated resource scheduling, prevent machine downtime, and streamline procurement processes to efficiently manage end-to-end Supply Chain Operations and improve cost management through vendor collaboration portals and linking to vendor catalogues.

Create an agile manufacturing process highly configured with AI, Azure IoT, and Mixed reality capabilities streamline existing manufacturing & distribution systems and reduce error potentials.

Simplification in delivery comes with real-time access to inventory data, hence the expedited delivery times. Bring automation and optimize inventory, logistics, and warehousing operations, effortlessly increasing throughput while strengthening procurement management and estimating your accurate logistics costs.

Maintain operational excellence by enabling automated cycle counts and performing proactive equipment maintenance to reduce machine downtime and maximize equipment efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Features

Build an intelligent and adaptable supply chain with a Microsoft ecosystem that empowers your business with real-time visibility, agile planning, and business continuity to face any challenge that comes your way.


Ensure an integrated approach to your supply chain pipeline to respond quickly to customers and ensure collaboration across all your supply chain operations, from inventory and warehousing to logistics.

Maximize Growth
& Scalability

By optimizing supply chain performance and maintaining the right flow of production using Microsoft's agile supply chain solutions, enterprises can maximize scalability and growth.

Ensure Strategic

Using the right supply chain modules, you can optimize logistics and warehousing data flow, analyze and forecast data, and perform agile planning to boost productivity and profitability.

Optimize Resources

Utilize better resource planning, cost management, and inventory management to manage inventory levels, reduce downtime, and improve cost management.

Supply Chain Management Service

Supply Chain Management Services

Dynamics Supply Chain Management solutions can power up your business and help achieve desired productivity & growth.



Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can help your business achieve new milestones.

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Dynamics 365
Supply Chain Management

$244.20 (CAD)per user/month
  • Scalable, composable, secure, and streamlined solution for an intelligent supply chain.

Create a connected, resilient, and adaptable supply chain

Dynamics Square can suggest a highly customized solution for your business needs.

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Once a company begins to grow, manufacturers look to support their continuing and continually expanding processes to guarantee that no process abundance occurs. Enterprises can use cloud-based ERP solution - Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management - to automate their operations while increasing client demand, adjusting to industry changes, and streamlining the process flow.

Furthermore, because Dynamics 365 Supply Chain is equipped with AI, IoT, and Mixed Reality capabilities, you can have in-depth information in real-time to make quick choices.

Also, enterprises can better foresee equipment downtime, allowing you to plan and manage your production or process flow ahead of time - resulting in better process flows across your company and scalable growth. Hence, we can say, D365 SCM is a complete tool to manage and automate your supply chain and start gaining ROIs within 22 months.

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, you can start reaping cost savings and business benefits right away. This intelligent tool can help you manage your entire supply chain workflow with its real-time tracking and process monitoring capability. D365 Supply Chain Management (SCM) enables you to stay updated with actual inventory flow, eases the procurement processes, and assists you in optimizing all your logistics operations.

Utilizing Microsoft cloud-data efficiency, you can better streamline and automate your data to ensure informed decisions to support your concurrent business processes and help you become resilient to handle any challenge may come your way.

Several business-driven features are available in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management that facilitates the management of your entire supply chain practices in a real-time data-driven manner.

Below is the list of its core features:

  • Asset Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Cost Management
  • Inventory Management
  • IoT Intelligence
  • Master Planning
  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Product Information Management
  • Production Control
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Service Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Management

Note: Each of the above features can be configured fully or customized to meet your specific business needs. At Dynamics Square, we can implement a highly customized Supply Chain solution that meets the needs of your enterprise.

You can automate your data and keep an update on every business flow, from inventory levels to warehousing practices, logistics demands and procurement to transportation management, and more.

Contact Dynamics Square for immediate D365 Support or to learn more about how Supply Chain solutions can benefit your total Supply Chain pipeline and create doors for growth and new business opportunity while minimizing investment costs.

The initial license cost for every user/per month would be $180. In order to use the app on a monthly basis, you will need to pay $30 per user. Thus, you can calculate your total cost based on the number of user licenses you purchase.

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain is very adaptable and customizable to your specific company requirements. It is built with numerous critical components/modules to support the operational flow of your supply chain. To address your specific supply chain demands and operational flow, you can request your Dynamics 365 implementation partner to implement all the modules or the ones you need.

Moreover, you can also integrate this SCM app with your existing system or other Microsoft business apps to allow your system to run in parallel while assuring a smoother flow in your operating environment. Dynamics Square can help you create, modify, and implement a system to meet your supply chain operating requirements.

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