Microsoft Dynamics 365
For Ecommerce

Create an E-Commerce site and give people what they want. Bring data, customers, and E-Commerce business partners to a unified platform and deliver a personalized online shopping experience to drive sales with Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Ecommerce

What is E-Commerce?

Today's requirement to sustain your online business or say your e-commerce platform is a secure and scalable e-commerce solution that satisfies your customers and your business. Customize products and offers for customers, process transactions quickly and securely, and focus on delivering personalized customer service. To make it better and more efficient, take the help of an intuitive E-Commerce management platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

What is Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 is a unique E-Commerce solution that helps you deliver highly personalized and seamless buying experiences for your customers and business partners. Implement this Microsoft cloud solution and start engaging across all your traditional and emerging channels, build loyalty, exceed customer expectations, and transform your online business into a brand. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce not only helps you modernize your retail store but goes beyond and provides you with AI-driven insights to better streamline your operations.

How can I accelerate my E-Commerce business with Dynamics 365 Commerce?

By automating data, using solutions with built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities, and cloud platforms.

With the help of Dynamics 365 for eCommerce businesses, enterprises can automate their data, streamline their processes, and enable resource optimization to support process continuation and faster the entire e-commerce flow.

Built-in data automation tool helps you optimize your resources and support your business continuity while making your entire E-Commerce faster.

Using real-time analytics, AI-driven customer insights enable every employee in your organization to make decisions and drive sales by accelerating manufacturing and production.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is not only an app but a full-fledged eCommerce solution that assists you in managing your stock level, tracking shipping, and faster product delivery along with a hassle-free return and refund process.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Features

Re-imagine the way customers interact with your products, and improve direct sales to increase customer engagement before, after, and at the point of sales with Microsoft Cloud, Azure, and Power Apps.


Personalize Shopping Experiences

Get people interested in buying your products and services by analyzing your e-commerce site's web traffic and browse-to-buy conversion rates, and defining offers, and new products on customers' behavior using Microsoft Azure.


Transact Sales Securely

Increase your transactions by increasing customers. Derive more customers and transactions by creating an easy-to-navigate e-commerce buying experience and deploying it using a more secure and compliant E-Commerce platform like Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Customer Management

Meet Customer Demands

Adapt to the size and seasonality of your business to develop the ability to automatically handle increasing customer demand for your products and services using Microsoft's PaaS (platform as a service) and App services.

Supply Chain Management

Optimize Supply Chain

Save time and money by intelligently streamlining your supply chain, reduce support costs, and increase satisfaction with your sellers and suppliers by incorporating online self-service portals.

Production Management

Drive Your Sales

Drive more sales by focusing on sales, not managing your IT infrastructure, because sales are the core of your business. Take advantage of Microsoft's pre-built services in the cloud and create an e-commerce solution to enhance your sales and increase profits.


Implement Scalable e-commerce

Using Azure services, architect a scalable e-commerce web page that includes simple order processing workflows. Build personalized experiences by introducing Azure Functions and Web Apps and leave IT infrastructure to Azure.

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Ecommerce side

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  • Derive Omnichannel Engagement
  • Deliver Rich Personalization
  • Earn Customer Loyalty for life
  • Make your digital commerce more streamlined
  • Build AI-driven intelligent commerce
  • Maximize Customer Conversions
  • Meet Global needs with API-first eCommerce solutions
  • Proactively safeguard your data

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