Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Enable AI-driven intelligence in your e-Commerce business to understand your customers and meet their expectations while building relationships.


What is Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Meeting deadlines and reaching revenue goals are the cornerstones of any company's success. However, it is only possible to achieve this by integrating innovative technologies such as big data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Mixed Reality, Machine Learning, and data analytics.

The Dynamics 365 for Commerce platform provides a seamless, personalized, and scalable e-commerce shopping experience for your customers and partners. Implementing Dynamics 365 Commerce will help you build consumer loyalty and exceed their expectations.

Transform Your E-Commerce with Dynamics 365 for Commerce

Re-imagine your retail operations, offer buyers seamless, self-service online shopping experiences, and create the store of the future with all the B2B functionality in demand.

Reading into your customers' likes and dislikes, encouraging their buying online experiences, and leaning them to take advantage of click-and-collect using Dynamics 365 for Commerce will increase growth and profits.

Consumers seek flexible options to buy and fulfill their needs - where, when, & how to choose. Implement this tool and enable omnichannel experiences to drive customer conversion and sales growth.

By providing exceeded customer expectations by delivering personalized experiences; such as integrated frictionless payment methods, and more connected relevant content, you can build loyalty to your customers.

You can infuse artificial intelligence and enable data-driven tools across your sales operations to improve customer and partner experience using Dynamics 365 Commerce. This tool not only helps you drive greater ROI (return on investment) but optimizes overall business practices.

Features of Dynamics 365 for Commerce

Drive Strong Business Decisions Using Your Ecommerce Database


Integrate intelligent digital storefronts to seamlessly manage various aspects of your commerce, from inventory, cash, and pricing to building loyalty for your brand, with Dynamics 365 Commerce.


Enhance shopping experiences for your customers by utilizing AI-driven add-ins. Provide your customers with personalized recommendations both online and in stores and increase customer engagement across channels.


Bring next-level resilience by empowering your workforce to centralize the management of e-Commerce operations using Microsoft's Dynamics 365 for Commerce, a unique SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to flex and adapt to constantly evolving business needs.


Make it happen with connected commerce solutions to drive business outcomes, improving customer experiences (CX), stronger engagement, and fulfillment of e-commerce orders via a supply chain that has fidelity.

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Dynamics 365 Commerce Services

Our customer-oriented services help you with everything to build and successfully run your digital commerce.



Optimize existing processes to turn your running commerce into a profit-making machine with Dynamics 365 for Commerce.

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Transform your business operations to achieve higher profitability and scalability with seamless and on-time upgrades for Dynamics 365 Commerce.



Get the desired Dynamics 365 support 24*7*365 to reduce errors and ensure uninterrupted processes.

Connect Your Commerce to the Cloud, & Lead the e-Commerce Market

Our Dynamics 365 experts are ready to analyze your requirements and reveal a specially designed revenue-generating solution.

Dynamics 365 Commerce pricing

Dynamics 365 Commerce

$244.20(CAD)per user/month
  • Manages omnichannel retail operations with core capabilities.

E-Commerce Add-In for Dynamics 365 Commerce

$5427.20(CAD)per user/month
  • Includes e-commerce management for Dynamics 365 Commerce.
  • Requires Dynamics 365 Commerce

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While Dynamics 365 Commerce is to help you unify your company's commerce at scale, the Dynamics 365 Scale Unit enables retailers to sell goods even with their poor internet connections! Enterprises can process credit card transactions, issue gift cards, and sync data with HQ even when they are not connected to the internet.

Recently, Microsoft upgraded Dynamics 365 Retail to Dynamics 365 Commerce. This business app offers a comprehensive omnichannel experience to your e-commerce, in-store, and emerging commerce channels. The system can do everything for your organization's commerce needs. Also, See - Dynamics 365 Sales Professional | Dynamics 365 Project and Operations

Implementing Dynamics 365 Commerce has numerous benefits, including:

  • Power of cloud technology
  • Simplified customer engagement
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Business-specific flexibility, and more

With this business app, you can easily adapt to modern business requirements and an easy-to-use user interface.

Yes! Absolutely. Dynamics 365 Commerce, like other business apps in the Dynamics 365 suite of business apps, allows integration of needed apps, whether native or third-party. Contact your Dynamics 365 support partner like Dynamics Square to help you build the required application that understands your specific needs and works accordingly.

There is no fixed answer to this query since a range of factors influence the cost of Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation, including:

  • Business requirements
  • The complexity of your business operations.

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