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Implement a world-class Microsoft cloud ERP solution for your service and people-focused organization with Dynamics Square.

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Take Your Business Ops to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Secure your data, reduce hardware and IT costs, expand your business, and empower your employees to start working anywhere, anytime.

Dynamics Square is a Microsoft Gold Partner and is trusted around the world when it comes to implementing ERP/CRM solutions. Powered by enthusiasm to help others, our ERP experts have been helping businesses of all sizes to compete and grow on a scale since 2011. We customize and implement industry-specific Microsoft's highly advanced ERP, CRM, and business intelligence tools with people who have first-hand industry experience, making it easier for you to achieve your goals.


Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner at Your Service

We, at Dynamics Square, empower you to achieve your highest goal with powerful Microsoft cloud technology. Dynamics Square has experts capable enough to understand you and provide the right answer to your problems.

Not only do our experts help you with customizing and implementing the right cloud solution for your business, but they also provide strategic and effective advisory on various business apps under Microsoft's suite of business applications - Dynamics 365.

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 contains different software modules for your specific business needs, from finance, supply chain, project management, field service, and human resources to marketing, sales, warehouse management, and customer relationship management.

Open a universe of possibilities and new business opportunities with Dynamics 365 Implementation and overcome any business challenge right away!


Dynamics 365 Finance

Derive profit by automating all your financials with Dynamics 365 Finance - an AI-driven cloud solution infused with the power of embedded analytics and financial intelligence.


Dynamics 365 Sales

Connect your sales and marketing teams, foster collaboration via their preferred communication channels, and win more customers to derive your sales at scale with Dynamics 365 Sales.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Better understand your customers, track, and record all their issues and timely resolve them and share related information in the knowledge base for others in a unified platform - Dynamics 365 Customer Service.


Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Integrate your sales, resourcing, finance, and project-centric operations in a single platform to derive a profitable project-centric business with Dynamics 365 Project Operations - an intelligent project automation tool.


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

Utilize Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management's predictive analytics to turn data into actionable insights for better decision-making in inventory, warehouse, logistics, service, and manufacturing.


Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is the best cloud marketing solution to help your marketing and sales team personalize and orchestrate customer journeys to derive a profitable sales cycle.


Dynamics 365 Field Service

Provide exceptional field services to your customers and earn their loyalty for life using Dynamics 365 Field Service's actionable data insights and connected experiences.


Dynamics 365 Commerce

With Dynamics 365 for Commerce, you can deliver a seamless E-Commerce experience that builds customer loyalty and surpasses emerging online channels, helping you engage more customers and derive profits.

More than 135+ satisfied customers are accelerating their business at full throttle with our best in-service ERP and CRM solutions.

Contact our experts, share your business requirements, and reveal the best cloud ERP or CRM solution for your business.


Our Step-by-Step Dynamics 365 Implementation Methodology

11+ years of experience working with organizations of different sizes have developed a capability in our experts to quickly identify problems and deliver the right solution based on Microsoft's latest sure-step methodology.


In this decisive step, our experts provide end-user training and technical support when required and ensure that your system works as desired.


Here, our experts deep-dive into your project idea and business needs and then develop and carve a plan to find the best fit for you.


Following the project analysis phase, we strategize to create functional demands that specify your customization, configuration, and integration needs.


In this step, we start with developing your project, which comprises custom coding, interface designing, system integration, data migration, and related tasks.


This step guarantees the completion of your project, including user acceptance testing and crucial user training (UAT).


In this decisive step, our experts provide end-user training and technical support when required and ensure that your system works as desired.


Here, our experts deep-dive into your project idea and business needs and then develop and carve a plan to find the best fit for you.


Why Should You Choose Dynamics Square As Your Dynamics 365 Partner?

An experienced Dynamics 365 implementation partner like us has core knowledge, expertise, and understands your business environment, and has the capabilities to provide you with continuous services and support.


Authorized Microsoft
Gold Partner

Dynamics Square is Canada's trusted Microsoft Gold Dynamics 365 implementation Partner. Move your business to the cloud with Dynamics 365 and leverage its powerful capabilities to unify your business and make a real impact.


Data Security

Microsoft is second to none when it comes to data security. Our experts follow Microsoft's guidance to enable all advanced security features while implementing any desired module from the Dynamics 365 suite of business apps.


and Supportive

We listen carefully when it is about our clients. Our customers are our hearts, and our experts understand it. As your friendly Dynamics 365 implementation partner, we adhere to ensure you enjoy Dynamics 365's full potential.



Quality assurance is never compromised at Dynamics Square. Instead, we combine and seamlessly integrate your chosen module with other Microsoft Business Apps such as Business Central and Power BI.



Our decade-over experience and arduous work helps us ensure that you fully embrace the digital world's offerings and grow to newer heights through our Dynamics 365 suite of business management apps.


Very Responsive
& Easy to Work With

Our goal is to work with organizations delightfully to quickly catch their problems and provide the right solution right away. We work with you as if you are our team. With Dynamics Square, look no further.

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The implementation/deployment of a software application to solve your problems refer to it. While Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business apps for which you would require help from a Microsoft-certified implementation partner like Dynamics Square to implement it for you so that your business can grow at scale, helping you achieve new heights.

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a difficult process that needs proper planning and strategy. It can take anything between six months and two years to fully integrate front and back-end systems and procedures into a single platform.

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