Microsoft Cloud
For NonProfit

Enable Microsoft's vibrant cloud technology for a shared belief and altruistic ideal, & help your nonprofit hub run on tight budgets, eliminate data silos, and work with other not for profit (NFP) partners to drive constituent management, fundraising, awards, program delivery, and impact tracking.


Enable Accurate, Consistent, Rapid Yet Detailed, & Efficient Recording of Observations

Dedicated to helping nonprofits and their partners, Microsoft cloud for nonprofits provides solutions that help you successfully centralize your data, people, and processes to impact millions of lives. Successfully drive higher social impact and industry-standard definitions of constituent management, fundraising, awards, program delivery, and impact tracking data by integrating Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator or better known as Dynamics 365 NFP accelerator to Dynamics 365 Business Apps like Business Central, Power Apps, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Azure services and Microsoft's cloud security network.

Why Choose Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits?

To deliver exceptional, unified, and data-driven decisions across your not-for-profit organization and enhance disaster response while guaranteeing faster delivery of life-saving essentials.

Empower your organization, especially the frontline employees, to effectively manage donors, supporters, and volunteers to drive results.

Maximize the capability of your organization in managing volunteers and ensuring unified fundraising to effectively derive your mission.

Engage proactively with support channels by leveraging built-in analytics tools in Dynamics 365 and provide support to your nonprofit mission.


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Capabilities of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits

Implement a Feature-rich Solution Tailored to Boost Your Nonprofit Mission

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Simplify and maximize your fundraising with Microsoft nonprofit accelerator and track all your major fundraising stages to help millions and transform your organization.

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Constituent management

Effectively manage constituent profile that details biographical information, communication methods, preferences, relationships, salutations, employment and educational histories, donations, and awards.

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Donation management

One-time and recurring gifts, gifts in kind, and grant disbursements are all included in the sample dashboard for seamless donation management.

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Awards management

Organize awards received and distributed using an awards management data model and use sample applications for related tasks including dockets, inquiries, requests, awards recommendations, reviews, and budgets.

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Program delivery

With the outcome and result model, nonprofits can measure results, communicate impacts, and align beneficiaries and funds to their results.

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Membership management

Membership Category defines membership levels and Membership entity creates and tracks membership over time, linking Constituents to Membership Categories.

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IATI processes

Use IATI - a global campaign and Microsoft initiative to ensure aid money gets to its intended recipients with the goal of reducing poverty and improving living standards worldwide.

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Finance and CRM data integrator

Use tailored templates for connecting NFP accelerator constituents, donations, awards, and programs to finance and operations.

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Case management

Ensures that partners can track clients and tie cases to specific program goals by providing building blocks to their staff.

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Project management & program design

Establish a discipline for tracking activities and progress towards a theory of change ensuring that programs are delivered in line with indicators, goals, budgets, and results.

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Assessment management

Record detailed observations accurately, consistently, rapidly, and efficiently to deliver nimble services.

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Not-for-profit operations toolkit

Through an application that allows workers to enter their time and expenses, approve their submissions, and track costs, small nonprofits can centrally manage their award budgets.

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