Dynamics 365 AI

Decode the strength of your business and help it emerge as the next big thing in your industry with Dynamics 365 AI - Microsoft AI built to transform all aspects of your business.


How capable is Dynamics 365 AI?

With Microsoft’s embedded AI capabilities in Dynamics 365, you can script a whole new success story for your business while empowering people to do more with less.

Proactively understand your customer and their journey by incorporating data-driven insights to make every customer feel heard and deliver the right solution.

Breaking data silos is equivalent to breaking business silos. Integrate all your data from diverse sources to make sense of your business before people in a way it was never possible.

Quickly respond with the right solution to your customers’ problems with easily modifiable AI functionality and adapt to evolving market changes.

Dynamics 365 AI integrations come with user-friendly interfaces that assist your teams in smoothly adopting AI.

Bring transformative Dynamics 365 AI to all your business processes and build an intelligent enterprise​

Discover Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Benefits

Realize the potential of your business with the power of Microsoft AI

  • Boost your sales
  • Improve profitability
  • Assists in engaging more with your customers
  • Leads prioritization and helps them to turn into loyal customers
  • Real-time notifications
  • Provides you with customer relationship health scores so that you can further improve your relationships with your customers.

  • Customer support score
  • Reveals problem areas and suggests options for resolution
  • Highlighting the areas of improvement
  • Visualizing customer interaction patterns sales and marketing team

  • Increases customer loyalty by securely maintaining customer data
  • Offers a 360 view of your customers’ journey
  • Creates new customer segments and insights
  • Displays pre-built templates

  • Assistance for continuous improvement
  • Suggestions in product planning and analysis
  • Gathering and providing insights prevailing among customers

  • Competitor analysis
  • Helping you understand what is happening in your industry
  • Prompting for major events

Microsoft AI tools offer a wide range of additional insights related to your niche, supply chains, human resources, and other topics.

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Dynamics 365 AI enables you to transform your complex data sets into actionable insights. Allowing AI in your business processes helps you achieve your goals - like automating your entire manufacturing and accelerating your product distribution. Microsoft AI lets your employees enjoy innovatively solving issues and thrive.

Yes! Dynamics 365 uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help employees automate tasks and gather information to complement your business idea, not extinct humans.

A major benefit of AI in CRM is its capability to make calls correctly knowing who and when to contact. Process-specific built AI automation can also automatically send appropriate notifications when needed. In addition, AI can also help in reducing staff workloads, or increase their productivity and efficiency.

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