Microsoft Azure
Explore the power of 200+ cloud computing solutions

Get the most out of your cloud and on-premises investments by migrating and modernizing your business processes. Start doing more with less using Microsoft's Azure cloud services.


What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is a collection of 200+ (and growing) cloud computing solutions from the tech giant Microsoft. From AI + machine learning, Databases, Internet of Things (IoT) to Networking, Mixed Reality, Data Security, and Data Storage to Analytics, Microsoft has everything in its store you need.

Explore Azure’s Some of the Popular Products

Turn your ideas into action by purposefully inventing products that make an impact with trusted Azure cloud computing services.

Easy provisioning of Windows and Linux virtual machines.

Ensure a secure and convenient remote desktop experience anywhere.

Optimize, migrate, and modernize the modern SQL cloud database family.

Create scalable and high-performance apps quickly with a modern cloud database.

Deploy scalable containers on highly managed Kubernetes.

Add human-like intelligence to apps with APIs and Microsoft’s AI services.

Quickly create powerful cloud apps for web and mobile.

Operate a live game on a single platform using Azure PlayFab. It has everything you need to build a game.

Get end-to-end development experience with evet-driven serverless code.

Find out what quantum hardware, software, and solutions are available today.

Save up to 65% on your computing services

Simplify IT configuration and management. Start optimizing your workloads with the future-ready cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure.

Features of Microsoft Azure

Secure your future and meet any challenge with Microsoft Azure cloud - your partner in success.

Cloud Computing

Leverage on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud, or at-the-edge offerings of Azure to deploy high-end cloud apps that support your growth potential and improve the entire data flow.


Protect your business assets and data from evolving threats. With built-in multilayered security and intelligent threat protection in Azure, you can have peace of mind.

Invent and
ship faster

Help your developers' creativity and reduce the time to market by avoiding friction through Developer Velocity.

Gain Deeper
insights into your data

Convert your data into real-time actionable insights with Azure's highly secured enterprise-grade analytics and share data across your organization with intuitive dashboards and visualizations.

Migrate your legacy
ERPs with confidence

Explore free and easy-to-use resources, tools, and intelligent assistance to help you securely migrate your servers, apps, databases, and other workloads to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Build your
business case

Understand how cloud economics works, get the most out of your investment, and create your own business case for Azure.

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