Azure IoT Hub

Take ownership of managing and scaling your business by constructing customized solutions using Azure IoT Hub and Azure Digital Twins for complex IoT scenarios.


What is Azure IoT Hub?

Azure IoT Hub along with Azure Digital Twins form the building blocks for you to quickly construct need-specific solutions for your complex IoT scenarios. This amalgamation is the right cloud solution that seamlessly aligns with your management, control, and business management costs. Onboard devices and services by leveraging your in-house or partner-driven expertise. Or contact our in-house team to help you drive better products, optimize operations, and create breakthrough customer experiences.

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Host your IoT devices using the most secure cloud network - Azure Cloud and enable reliable communication to get real-time notifications from all your connected devices or industrial equipment.

Billions of Connected IoT Devices

Utilize device-to-cloud telemetry data, understand your devices, and define message routes to other Azure services without writing code for setting up smooth bidirectional communication.

Device Authentication & Enhanced Security

Retain the confidentiality of both cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud messages by setting up individual identities and credentials for each connected device. You can also revoke access rights for selected devices when needed.

Automation to Accelerate IoT Deployment

Register and automate device provisioning with zero touches in the most secure and scalable way. Avail the IoT device compatibility for all devices with IoT Hub device provisioning.

Extend the Power of Your Cloud & Devices

Take advantage of Microsoft AI, machine learning, or other advanced analytics to seamlessly create and deploy IoT Edge modules to transmit code and services between the Cloud and the edge to minimize IoT application costs, easing development efforts and running devices online & offline.


Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Features

Reduce risk, monitor threats, and deploy remediation to help protect your business assets with Azure's stringent security standards and compliance in the IT industry.

Highly Secure &
Enhanced Communication

Securely send and receive data from your IoT devices.

Timely Updates
for IoT Hub

Seamlessly deploy over-the-air updates to keep IoT devices up to date & secure.

Complete Azure

Simplify your Internet of Things by fully integrating it with Azure Event Grid and serverless computing.

Build Hybrid
IoT Apps

With Azure IoT Edge compatibility, Azure IoT Hub enables you to build hybrid IoT applications for goal-specific results.

Drive better products, optimize operations and costs and create breakthrough customer experiences with Microsoft Azure.

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Still Have Questions About Azure IoT Hub?

Click through the IoT Hub FAQs tailored for you!

A cost-effective choice as the first step in your IoT deployment, IoT Hub Basic provides foundational IoT security with per-device authentication, highly scalable device support, and seamless upgrade paths to IoT Hub Standard.

As part of the Standard tier, you will be able to manage devices and access Azure IoT Edge. A big-data scenario, such as ingesting website data, is ideally suited to Event Hub.

Azure IoT hub is a PaaS-based IoT solution designed to drive bi-directional communication between your IoT devices and the cloud, enabling you to connect and monitor millions of devices simultaneously and on a single panel.

Whereas Azure IoT Central is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) configuration, enabling your teams to build multiple custom IoT apps by using built-in standard templates.

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You may need to adjust your IoT solution to follow Azure's default quota limits if your subscription has a quota limit. Azure subscriptions are limited to 50 IoT hubs. You can request quota increases by contacting support at Microsoft's website. Or give us a call for more details.

With the free edition of the IoT hub, you can register and connect 500 devices to ensure the transmitting 8000 messages or notifications per day. It is recommended you choose the premium plan if you want to fulfill the requirements above. Contact us today, we can offer you a highly cost-effective solution based on your customized requirements for Azure IoT.

IoT Hub SDKs (Software Development Kits) supports the following protocols for connecting devices to Azure IoT Hub:

  • AMQP over WebSockets
  • AMQP
  • MQTT
  • MQTT over WebSockets

IoT Hub can support custom protocols if you can't use any of the supported protocols by:

  • Creating a field gateway using IoT Edge to translate protocols at the edge.
  • Performing protocol translation in the cloud with Azure IoT protocol gateway.

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