Microsoft Power Automate

Experience the power of automation in different apps and services to enhance performance, reliability, and productivity with Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow).


What is Power Automate?

With Power Automate, your team can automate, build useful apps, and build workflows quickly, saving time and development costs. You can utilize hundreds of apps and services to enhance productivity, streamline business operations and solve issues with numerous no-code approaches.

Begin automation with Power Automate anytime, anywhere.

Power Automate is a creative platform that offers creators powerful features such as drag-and-drop, prebuilt connectors, and low-code development tools to create automated systems quickly and securely.

Visualize, analyze, and make your workflows more efficient from start to finish to understand if they'll occur. Reduce guesswork while automating flow processes to finalize them.

Powered by Microsoft AI technology Power Automate not only helps you easily drive automation but also assists in several ways. Get started with creating new flows based on your business model.

One of the best things about this platform is its compatibility with other devices & platforms. Apps developed using this platform are consistent and offer the same features and functionality across various devices, such as desktops, web, & mobile.

Features of Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate comes in four of its different versions. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Power Automate
for Desktop

Build apps for Windows desktops and create automated flows to reduce repetitive tasks. Employ the UI-based Robotics Process Automation (RPA) power to automate flows directly from your Windows 11 menu.

Power Automate
for Mobiles

Activate, run and manage cloud flows anytime, anywhere by developing automated flows for your mobile phone at your convenience.

Power Automate
for Web

Power Automate for the web is a central portal that helps you create & save flows, analyze them later, & empower you to do more.

Power Automate
for Microsoft Teams

For Microsoft Teams, this app allows you to build flows in the Microsoft cloud to facilitate teamwork and collaboration and enhance overall team productivity.

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Dynamics Square's Power Automate Services

Change the whole perspective of doing business. Streamline and digitally operate and manage all your services.



Get Power Automate solutions implemented with Dynamics Square in a simplified and cost-efficient way without compromising security.



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Affordable Power Automate Pricing

Dynamics Square helps you with subscription plans that are best for you!

Power Automate Premium

$20.40(CAD)per user/month

Automate cloud apps, services, and data by using digital process automation (DPA). Users can create and run unlimited flows with this plan.

  • Cloud flows (DPA)

Power Automate Process

$203.50(CAD)per bot/month6

Provides the same features as the base user plan, plus the ability to automate desktop legacy apps via robotic process automation (RPA).

  • Cloud flows (DPA)
  • Desktop flows (RPA) in attended mode
  • 5,000 AI Builder credits/month

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