Machine Learning

Empower your data scientists and developers to build and deploy business-critical machine learning models at scale with Azure Machine Learning - an end-to-end machine learning-as-a-service (ML-aa-S) from Microsoft to efficiently run your machine learning lifecycle.


What is Azure Machine Learning?

Azure Machine Learning (AML) is a cloud-based machine learning service from Microsoft to help you better manage MLOps and accelerate the machine learning project lifecycle. ML professionals, data scientists, and data engineers can use AML in daily workflows to train and deploy models for enhanced production.

Benefits of Using Azure Machine Learning

Accelerate time to value and deliver responsible machine-learning solutions

Label data and prepare it for data exploration using an analytics engine. Access, create, and share data at scale.

Utilize collaborative Jupyter notebooks and automatically train and tune accurate machine learning models. Use familiar tools like Visual Studio Code and GitHub to switch easily from local to cloud training.

Automate ML workflows by creating pipelines and CI/CD. Optimize machine learning models through accelerated training and interface at lower costs with ONNX Runtime.

Detect drift and maintain the ML model's accuracy. Enjoy continuous monitoring with Azure Security Center. Become better at monitoring and analysis by tracking, logging, and analyzing data, models, and resources.

Azure Machine Learning Features

Devote more resources to understanding and building methods that 'learn' - leverage data to improve business processes.

Rapid Model

Accelerate the development and training of ML models using integrated tools and support for open-source frameworks and libraries.

Responsible AI

Deploy Microsoft's responsible AI. It comes with built-in fairness and explainability for exceeded compliance.

Enable Quick

Quickly deploy machine learning models to manage and share information for cross-workspace collaboration and MLOps.

High-end Security
& Compliance

Bring built-in governance, scaled security, and compliance anywhere and efficiently run your machine learning workloads anytime.

Connect for Expert Solution

Let's connect to understand and reveal your business potentials and expansion capabilities with Azure Machine Learning Solutions.

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About Azure Machine Learning?

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Most probably, a big Yes. Because it is a hot topic today and will continue to be. In Canada and the United States, Microsoft's ML services are available for 12 regions. In total, ML enthusiasts and data engineers in more than 40 regions across the world can access Azure Machine Learning. Contact Dynamics Square for more information.

The service-level-agreement (SLA) for Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is 99.9 percent.

Azure Machine Learning (AML) studio is a top-notch resource for building machine learning models. It's a unique yet centralized platform for data scientists and developers to show their capabilities in creating the future.

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