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Strategic Need of Dynamics ERP/CRM Health Check

Availing of advanced ERP/CRM implementation or functional configuration may not always help enterprises to support their ongoing workflow. Defining your customized business processes and current operational flow, you require your domain-specific solution to strategically operate, drive, and grow high.

At Dynamics Square, we provide free system health check wherein we understand your actual process flow and reveal not just your current system upgrading needs even supporting your continuously changing operational flow. Here is what we serve in terms of System Health Check.

Get to the core of your Dynamics 365 issues
with our free Health Check

Dynamics ERP/CRM Health Check

Process Performance

Initially, we start with the process performance, wherein we identify all those things whether they are working fine for your business or downgrading your working efficiency. In this step, we consider all your specific business practices and ensure mapping the same with your existing processes. We involve across your departments to come with the pain areas that you need to overcome. Once this system review gets done, we reveal the core requirement to start working on.

We come up with the following:

  • Is your workspace lacking sufficient end-user training?
  • Do your users are flexible to adapt to the new system?
  • Whether your workforce is aware of their processes and able to navigate through the lying need?

System Audit experts at Dynamics Square can help to identify your potential gaps and how these gaps can be improved with the right system configuration or support.


Get to the core of your Dynamics 365 issues
with our free Health Check


Feature Review

Often, we avail of several advanced features, but we do not use all of them or there could be a possibility that your system is lacking appropriate features. Moreover, we cannot deny regular releases that are made by Microsoft that include improvements or enhancements. Sometimes they come up with full addition of any product.

Dynamics Square's Team stays updated with these releases in a timely manner and leverage the same updated knowledge while performing feature review in your system. We identify the unused features lying in your system and explore the productive ones to be implemented.

Dynamics 365 System Health Check

Identify your current system performance and upgrading needs with Dynamics 365 System Health Check.


Code Auditing

A good code always plays a vital role in terms of the smoother and seamless flow of your system. When your system comprises bad coding, you may not realize it, but sooner or later, it will impact your overall system performance. Bad coding could be a result of permitting different developers, organizations, or contractors to configure your system.

Things we perform in terms of Code Auditing when you schedule free health check:

  • We review your system by applying our standard deployment, source control, and more.
  • We come up and suggest the necessary code update that is based on the changes made to the SDK.
  • Diagnose and suggest the best potential ways whereby your code can be enabled to run smoother.
  • We also suggest if any sort of complex code is lying in your system that can be replaced with the simplest one to impact your system speed and performance.
  • We suggest shifting time-consuming processes to your Azure account (if possible).
  • Suggest reframing JavaScript code instead of using soap-based web services.
  • We check your on-premises system for better server specifications.
  • If any code is not supported by Microsoft's products, we recommend removing the same.

Upgrading Analysis

If your system is lacking the necessary updates and you are driving your business using older versions, your system may not perform faster. We analyze your system to know whether the existing implementation, features, or configuration is still capable of driving ongoing processes as well as support your dynamic process change.

We analyze and suggest you the necessary upgrades to make your system up to date. Considering your customized process flow, we can suggest whether your system still can survive with the on-premises, or you need to upgrade it on-cloud facilitation along with other integration recommendations supporting your end-to-end process flow.


Data Health Check

To prepare quality reports and analytics, your data should be free from complexities, repetitions, or other random errors, and more. If any sort of issue is lying in your data, you may not be able to create reliable reports & analytics and can lack with right decision making.

System Health Check experts at Dynamics Square can suggest the possible ways to remove unreliable data and to enable your system to create, process and share the quality reports & key analytics within your organization that serve the purpose and enable everyone in your enterprise to accurately create, analyze, and make informed decisions in real-time.

Analyzing Licensing Needs

Your licensing need may vary depending on your customized processes, operational consistency, data sets you involve, and more. There could be a possibility that you need a different functional facilitation than your competitors are leveraging. To reveal your licensing need, our team can evaluate based on your number of processes, resources involved in every practice area, market to target, and more. When you avail of our Dynamics 365 free health check for your system, we diagnose and let you know your ongoing as well as futuristic needs and come up with the actual yet cost-effective licensing need for your enterprise.


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