Industry-leading Aluminum Extrusion Company in Canada

Case Study

Implemented Custom EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Module to Improve Payment Methods


This family-owned and operated aluminum extrusion industry near Toronto, Canada has been providing high-quality aluminum products worldwide since 1978. They offer a range of in-house services, including CAD design, 3D prototyping, custom anodizing, full-color spectrum dyeing, custom fabrication, and automated packaging.

Recently, they implemented a custom EFT module for NAV 2013 with the help of Dynamics Square (a leading Microsoft Gold Partner in Canada) to improve their payment methods.

Business Challenges Faced by The Company


This aluminum extrusion firm aimed to implement EFT per banking portal norms.

The company struggled with managing multiple vendors and partners for payments.

The organization handled everything from cheque printing to bank advice manually.

Manual payment processing resulted in errors and consumed staff time, making the process more complex.

Business Solution Offered to the Company

Implementation of EFT Module in Dynamics NAV'13 To Manage Payments


Dynamics Square helped in automating payment management with EFT module implementation.


This implementation led to a reduction in payment processing time.


The NAV experts team dropped the need for vendor approval of cheques, reducing unnecessary steps.


The NAV'13 system (now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) was configured to send automatic remittance advice via email to customers, allowing them to check payment status and identify errors.

Benefits Reaped

Payment transaction time is reduced with one-click processing and direct loading into the bank concerned.

Redundant tasks such as cheque printing and sending are eliminated with the EFT module implementation.

Dynamics Square provided tools to manage bulk and frequent transactions for the company.


The implementation of the Custom EFT module by Dynamics Square streamlined vendor payments and eliminated most manual tasks. Dynamics Square displayed expertise in Business Central, and the project was completed on time and within budget.

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