Popular Canadian Manufacturer of Shim & Small Parts for Aerospace

Case Study

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (Online)


A technology leader and top manufacturer of small parts products has Implemented Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (Online) - an advanced version of Dynamics NAV. With 30 years of experience in serving industries such as Defense, Aerospace, Medical, and more, the company is renowned for its best-in-class manufacturing capabilities, exceptional product quality, and high-precision manufacturing using high-tolerance horizontal lathes and CNC milling machines.

Their small parts products are supplied for both initial assembly and maintenance needs, and the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) further enhanced their operational efficiency and streamlines their business processes.

Business Challenges Faced by The Company


The enterprise needed to implement a new ERP solution on an urgent basis to manage departments such as inventory, finance, manufacturing, and supply chain due to the unsatisfactory performance of their current NAV version (NAV'13) in terms of inventory management and valuation.

The functions and capabilities of NAV to manage the accounting needs were not satisfactory for the company, affecting the overall performance of the department.

This manufacturer faced difficulties in tracking employee time on the shop floor.

The current NAV version made it difficult for the enterprise to collect supply chain and inventory data in real-time.

The company was using an unreliable third-party solution for measuring, analyzing, and sharing product information.

Business Solution Delivered

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Online)


Dynamics Square upgraded and implemented the cloud ERP for the company by migrating the data from NAV 2013 to Dynamics 365 Business Central (online).


The latest cloud version of Business Central enabled the people close to the company's business operations to run and manage the entire business from anywhere, anytime.


This newly installed cloud ERP assists the company to manage and supervise the accounting and invoicing tasks without issues or lags.


To track employees' time for service, we developed a custom Time Collection Module and integrated it with Business Central; an all-in-one ERP module from Dynamics 365 Suite.


Our team of Business Central experts replaced the third-party solution that empowers the manufacturer with our custom development solution and integrated it with the Time Collection Module developed by Dynamics Square.


Dynamics Square provided help to the company to understand all features and tools of Business Central's online version and helped to connect data across departments such as finance, inventory, sales, and purchase.

The Benefits Being Leveraged by the Company

The company's upgraded ERP system performs faster and better after the upgrade with no issues.

Dynamics Square resolved inventory and supply chain management issues the organization was facing.

The Custom Time Collection Module by Dynamics Square helps the company to track employee time on the shop floor and manage data related to manufacturing.

Business Intelligence tools in Business Central help the decision-makers of the company make real-time informed decisions about their operations.

Automation of processes made business smoother and more seamless for the company.

As a leading Microsoft Gold Partner in Canada, Dynamics Square helped this manufacturer understand the working of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for scaled growth.


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