Dynamics 365 Business Central - All in one SMB Solution

Implementation of Business Central in SMBs is the latest trend we get to see in growing industries. Due to customization and integration capabilities, different businesses are opting for this solution for streamlined growth.

Before we learn more about the different capabilities of Business Central in small and medium-sized businesses, let's understand its need.

SMBs face myriads of operational difficulties, such as poor cash flow, hiring the right talent, maintaining quality while scaling, customer service, manual data entry, a limited budget, and insufficient expense tracking.

To overcome such challenges, organizations require a solution that allows you to juggle multiple tasks, maintain a competitive edge, and maximize ROI. That’s where Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) comes into the picture. It offers comprehensive solutions for SMBs while being a cost-effective option.

Using BC, organizations can streamline finance management, optimize sales and marketing, manage the supply chain, improve visibility, simplify project management, etc. In this blog, we will dive into the different aspects of Business Central and how it is the perfect solution for any industry.

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Business Central in the Manufacturing Industry

Post-pandemic, the manufacturing industry is facing a significant shift in its operational processes after the introduction of Industry 4.0. This shift has posed various challenges along with existing complexities.

SMBs face challenges in finding skilled laborers, scaling business, inventory management, taking proactive action for disruption, pushing towards automation, staying competitive, and complying with stringent regulations.

Here, Dynamics 365 Business Central for manufacturing can be a good solution for SMBs to streamline their manufacturing processes and overcome different challenges.

D365 BC facilitates various functionalities, allowing manufacturers to adapt a tailor-made solution for their needs. These functionalities include:

    Use Case:

    Business Central offers seamless connectivity within your team with its integrated data-sharing capabilities. Workers involved in production and procurement, sales, and inventory management work in a cohesive manner by accessing the data in real time.

    For instance, sales teams armed with real-time data can communicate with customers on precise delivery timelines, improving business loyalty. Similarly, procurement teams can access inventory levels, resulting in understocking or overstocking.

    Moreover, it automates the order fulfillment process as soon as a customer places an order. It generates purchase orders to prevent bottlenecks caused by manual processes.

    This cuts down on the tedious task and ensures swift and seamless delivery, improving the customer experience.

    Business Central makes your inventory smart by allowing you to set reorder points. You can set a maximum threshold point. Whenever the stock level goes down to the threshold point, BC alerts, preventing unnecessary stocks and minimizing storage costs.

    Business Central in the Healthcare Industry

    The healthcare industry can’t afford to make mistakes. They work under constant duress to comply with stringent requirements to provide quality patient care.

    They need to keep patients’ sensitive data, like medical and payment records, safe, but technology has made healthcare settings vulnerable to cyberattacks.

    SMBs in healthcare might not have the budget to fight against cyberattacks and change their operations according to healthcare regulations.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for healthcare industry helps such organizations minimize clinical orders, ensure patient satisfaction, improve communication among teams, automate appointments, and manage waitlists.

    It facilitates the patient’s database as a central hub, where they can record medical data. Moreover, D365 BC comes with features that can be used in the healthcare industry, including:

      Use Case:

      Business Central records patients’ data at a single location, allowing easy sharing to improve coordination. This can be instrumental in times of emergency, allowing information access with a single click and reducing errors by providing 360-degree patient information.

      Moreover, it streamlines appointments and visits by sending reminders to patients, ensuring a seamless patient experience.

      It can simplify their payment and billing processes and ensure all medicine is in stock.

      Business Central in the Education Industry

      Post-pandemic, the education sector has shifted to online mode, and they constantly work hard to successfully deliver education. Educational intuitions follow manual administrative procedures for enrollment, class schedule, test schedule, and grade.

      They rely on physical documents or emails to communicate, reducing the effectiveness of communication.

      Such manual procedures restrict educational intuitions to progress tracking, offer personalized learning environments, and create interactive invoices. They require a solution that helps them automate manual procedures, increasing agility.

      Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for education facilities centralized data management, allowing educational institutions to access data in real time, improving student satisfaction, and offering adequate support.

      It comes with a wide range of functionality to help educational institutions offer quality education and improve student progress in their respective fields.

      Here are the lists of features for educational institutions:

        Use Cases:

        Educational institutions can manage and track their various resources, such as study materials, classroom schedules, purchase orders, and more. They can track students' attendance, distribute study material, track student performance & growth, and provide personalized data charts for their test results.

        BC can also support its human resource management, budgeting, and workflow, improving operational efficiency.

        Business Central in the Construction Industry

        The construction industry depends highly on workers, materials, and efficient execution. However, an outdated approach leads construction companies to silo data between teams, resulting in improper project management.

        They face challenges in tracking project costs throughout the construction process, including labor and material costs.

        Construction companies also face challenges in managing labor, assigning them work, and optimizing the resources efficiently. Furthermore, they should also maintain a seamless supply chain to prevent material shortages and overpricing.

        Business Central in the construction industry plays a vital role in streamlined project management, improved collaboration, resource optimization, better resources, and competitive advantage.

        Moreover, it can help in financial management, supply chain management, human resources management, and inventory management. Here is the list of Business Central features that can help in the construction industry:

          Use Case:

          Business Central allows construction companies to create project budgets and schedule the work in the system. Users can define the cost associated with a project and define the tasks required to complete the project.

          It also allows you to track the purchased material to prevent last-minute project disruption. Moreover, you can access real-time data and generate reports to monitor your project process.

          Business Central in the Automotive Industry

          Automotive businesses using spreadsheets and mail to manage their business operations can’t access real-time data insight.

          This brings challenges, such as not having access to detailed client history, the price of automobiles, forecast customer demand, material flow, and lead tracking.

          It can also lead to data silos, leading to poor communication with suppliers, operational inefficiency, and a disrupted supply chain.

          Microsoft Business Central for automotive industry comes with diverse features to adapt tailor-made solutions for automotive businesses.

          BC allows you to access real-time data, helping to detect problems and ensuring high-quality standards.

          It also supports product tracking, better inventory management, and improved customer service.

          Moreover, automotive businesses can also integrate BC with other solutions to fulfill their requirements as they grow. For instance, your business scales, and you require a system that can handle your complex supply chain operation.

          For this, you can integrate Microsoft Business Central with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and enhance the overall performance of supply chain processes.

          Here are some features that can help your automotive business:

            Use Case:

            Businesses can streamline appointment booking, schedule delivery dates, and track automobile service & repair dates. This helps customers get transparent automobile delivery dates and top-class service for their vehicles.

            Moreover, automobile dealerships can track their customer service history and provide them with customized recommendations by sending alerts if they are approaching a service date, improving overall customer satisfaction.

            Business Central in the Telecommunications Industry

            Telecommunications is a highly regulated industry, which is challenging for established and new players in this field. Innovation in technology is also posing significant challenges for the telecommunications industry to maintain its competitive edge.

            Additionally, they need to heavily invest in infrastructure with limited resources and technical resources.

            With myriads of challenges, the telecommunication industry requires an ally who helps to deal with challenges to compete and thrive in their space.

            Dynamics Business Central for telecommunication industry helps businesses streamline their operations and communicate with on-premises software effortlessly.

            Use Case:

            BC offers a holistic view of customer data, allowing for personalized offerings and targeted marketing campaigns. Moreover, your user can schedule meetings with technicians to install or repair the equipment.

            It allows you to deploy next-generation networks, reduce waste, and empower the telecommunications workforce.

            How Can Dynamics Square Help Your Business?

            SMBs from every industry face unique challenge, and they need a solution that can help them solve their unique challenges. Businesses Central comes with comprehensive solutions that help you adapt features for your unique requirements.

            To get the most out of your investment in a Microsoft Business Central license, you need to go with a reliable Business Central implementation partner, like Dynamics Square. We empower you to use functionalities to the fullest.

            We are a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner who supports businesses with Dynamics 365 implementation and support services. With 14+ years of experience and a team of 135+ consultants,

            we are helping businesses like you to supercharge growth and double up the revenue with a 100% successful implementation.

            To get a 30-day Business Central trial, feel free to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our experienced Business Central consultants.

            Also, you can write us an email at 

            info@dynamicssquare.com or call us directly at +1 778 381 5388 to get instant Business Central support.

            Some Most Asked Customer Questions

            Is Dynamics 365 good for small businesses?

            Yes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses. It comes with comprehensive capabilities, allowing you to adapt its features according to your unique requirements.

            It is cost-effective, versatile, secure, and supports your business as it scales. 

            How much does Microsoft Dynamics Business Central cost?

            Dynamics 365 Business Central offers three pricing structures to businesses.

            • Team Members ($10.90 per user/month)
            • Essentials ($95 per user/month)
            • Premium ($135.70 per user/month)

            Team members are basic plans that allow you to access data only. The Essentials license includes every module, except service management.

            It also has limited manufacturing features. A premium license provides compressive access to the software.

            Is Dynamics 365 Business Central free?

            Yes, you can get the free trial version for 30 days if you want to experience how Business Central works with your business.

            Get in touch with a Dynamics 365 implementation partner. They will help you leverage Business Central to its fullest possible capabilities.  

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