Finding Your ERP Implementation Partner? 7 Questions to Ask Before Deciding!

In today’s advanced landscape, selecting the right ERP implementation consultant can help you unlock your full business growth and potential. While you may have the right dynamics ERP software, without the right partner, you cannot align it to your business objectives.

Yes, it is true that without a Dynamics ERP partner, you will find it difficult to strategically plan the designing, training, go-live support, and post-implementation support.

Further, we also understand how important it is to find the right implementation partner whilst planning to implement your first ERP solution or migrate to a new platform. Thereby, to simplify your research we would advise you to choose after analyzing the below listed 7 questions.

However, before that let me tell you how a Microsoft Cloud solutions partner works in distinct phases of ERP Implementation - This information will help you navigate your research of finding the right cloud ERP Implementation Partner.

Phases of Implementation by an ERP Partner

With ERP expertise, you can build a bigger picture – which might not be apparent initially to a business that is looking for growth.

Be it through Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, the right ERP consultant can take your business a notch higher. The benefits of ERP Implementation process can make it even better.

Let me throw light on the process overview of the ERP implementation services by a cloud implementation partner.

1. Assess Current Systems

  • Firstly, the cloud ERP implementation partner does a thorough detailed Assessment. After evaluating the loopholes and other essential requirements, the ERP partner then helps in selecting the right ERP solution.

2. Define the Scope and Goals

  • The best Dynamics ERP Partner evaluates various products, and defines, the scope, goals capabilities to let your business soar high.
  • The ERP system implementation partner helps in configuring the ERP and the Dynamics 365 implementation by strategically setting up streamlined workflows, defining roles, and tailoring the system to specific business potential.

3. Choose and Configure the ERP

  • The next step for a partner is to select an appropriate ERP software solution. After defining the scope and goals of your ERP integration project, they choose and configure the ERP.
  • Implementing an ERP system like Dynamic 365 implementation is a complex project. A Dynamics 365 implementation partner can make it hassle-free whilst implementing a detailed plan, timelines, and responsibilities.
  • They plan for the ERP implementation process within a stipulated budget. They manage the costs as per the required costs.

4. Prepare & Migrate Data

  • Migrating to the new ERP can be a complex task. However, ERP Cloud or Microsoft Dynamic 365 partner ensure that critical data is transferred accurately to the new system.
  • There are many challenges in training and Change Management- However, An ERP Implementation partner can amicably solve them & provide training to your employees. They also assist in change management efforts (additional requirements) to ensure a smooth transition.

5. Testing the ERP Implementation System

Before going live, the ERP implementation consultant conducts intricate testing to rectify any issues or bugs in the system. If there are any glitches, they decide to fix them.

6. Providing Maintenance & Support

After the ERP Implementation, the partner provides support to ensure a smooth transition. They are available to address any errors or issues and provide easy guidance to users.

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Questions for Selecting the Right ERP Implementation Partner

Dynamics 365 implementation can help you generate ROI (return on investment) and other big benefits for your business. The organizations are advised to carefully check if the internal team is equipped enough to handle the implementation of an ERP or not.

However, to make the selection easy, we have devised a questionnaire for you, you can ask and see which ERP implementation Partner will help you grow.

Q1) Whether the ERP Implementation software aligned with your business objective?

Check if your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner is aware of specific functional requirements of your organization, such as accounting, inventory management, and. For instance, if your business is in the Education industry then you should analyze whether the ERP implementation partner can provide solutions to meet your business needs or not.

If you are in healthcare, evaluate if this partner can meet your requirements in the mentioned domain. Is it their forte? Have they done any clients with the same business objective etc.?

Q2) How do you implement an ERP, and what makes it successful?

ERP implementations can be daunting, they come with many technical complexities. Therefore, it is extremely important to ask how the ERP implementation partner can help you ease the entire challenging ERP implementation process. See what process they go through to make it successful.

Q3) What is the cost of implementing an ERP system?

One should ask what the total cost of ownership is, including implementation, customization, and ongoing maintenance and support. As every company has a stipulated amount that they can incur, asking such questions can help you if the ERP software implementation is apt for your requirement or not.

Q4) What training and support services do you provide while sharing the best practices in ERP Implementation?

Some ERP Partners diminish after the implementation and which I why one should go for the one that stays after to support, guide, and resolve important issues. This is why we recommend you use this question to find out which training program or implementation support plans they offer.

Q5) Do you have any change management process for any additional requirements?

Changing the Management Team is extremely important. They fulfill additional requirements and help the company to work more productively. Therefore, do check about the change management processes that they have.

The change management can easily comprehend the details of your business, and they can help the staff with what they seek.

 Q6) Is the software scalable and flexible enough to accommodate future business growth?

Post-implementation support is extremely important. It is advisable to check whether they will offer long-term association or not. You can check the reviews related to the partner's previous associations with the clients.

For instance, Dynamics Square provides long-term association. They are flexible enough to provide long-term associations.

Q7) Is your ERP Implementation Partner Reputable?

We all know that even the topmost ERP can hold no value if the ERP Implementation consultant has no expertise and experience. Therefore, do ensure that you check the experience they have in your forte/ industry.

Do cross-check if they genuinely provide advice that aligns well with your work. You can study their previous work portfolios with reputed clients, case studies, and testimonials before giving a final go-ahead.

Microsoft Solutions Partner - Dynamics Square has Solutions for You

Do you need robust support for Dynamics 365 challenges? Then, look no further as the above questions can be solved by the team at Dynamics Square. At Dynamics Square, we deliver seamless Dynamics 365 Support like the incorporation of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and other New-Gen Business software.

Further, we can help you achieve the business requirements, objectives, and other solutions. The services are cost-effective and flexible enough for business growth.

Also, we do not leave you midway, we serve our clients even after the post-go-live implementation. The special on-site training sessions where we take the “Train the Trainer Perspective" seriously have been implemented pragmatically.

Dynamics 365 support partners have already helped businesses grow and scale at a fast pace. They understand that the challenges of implementing an ERP system can be daunting.

So, in case you need help with Dynamics 365 implementation, our 150+ technical consultants will be delighted to help your business grow. With 500+ clients around the globe.

You can send us an e-mail at or call us directly at +1 289 807 0740 to get instant support from a reliable and trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner.   

Arish Siddiqui

Arish Siddiqui working with Dynamics Square and helps SMB/Enterprises in USA & Canada to use Dynamics 365 ERP/CRM, Power Platform and other Solutions with full of its capabilities which ultimately cut businesses costs and improve efficiency.


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